Under cut. rolls around

this will be on top of my blog for a good while so putting it under cut seems safer to me- slight tw/ not exactly but being safe.

Im going to be a lot less active on here. A small break sort of thing.

I will be around once in a while. for the people I’m friends with on here i guess, but thats a maybe. 

I will be on Skype, But i need a break from here.

If you been following along I was brought down terribly recently. I was doin significant progress on my health but i got slapped with my condition/health/truth? I’m not sure how to say it in english, fuck. Ok but point is all my progress went to the trash and i need to really get my shit together.

In general Im getting really weak/sick, prob gonna see a doc about it so please don’t worry. mental wise the small confidence i had is gone, along with other things, but again please don’t worry!

the point of this is I’m trying really hard to get better and gain the progress i lost again.

i hope everyone understands :] again i will be around sorta and hopefully back blogging soon.

 rolls away

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when friends r over


when they leave



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like father, like son

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